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3 Ways You Can Customize Inflatable Exhibits

If your company is looking for a one of a kind trade show exhibit, you have plenty of choices. There are table top displays that can be used at smaller events or job fairs, all the way up to large-scale booths that ideal for helping your company stand out in the most crowded venues. Being able to customize your displays is one of the biggest advantages of a traditional booth, but it’s also possible to get a completely custom exhibit using the newest innovation to hit trade shows — inflatable exhibits. Here are a few of the many ways that you can create a completely custom booth using one of these new and innovative booths.

It’s Possible To Change The Configurations Easily

These types of displays are modular, which means that it’s possible to easily change your layout to fit your space, even if you attend venues with different exhibit spaces. Because the pieces are interchangeable, you’ll be able to use a 10-foot backwall in number of different displays, and add in items like square towers, interchangeable headers, conference rooms and rings that seem to freely float over the exhibit space. These items can all work together to attract attention from across the room and can help ensure that you have an exhibit for every venue, whether it’s a small show or a large one that attracts attendees from all over the globe.

Don’t Forget About Additional Elements

Just because you’re using inflatable exhibits doesn’t mean that you can’t add in some fun elements. Tablet computers are everywhere at trade shows and many exhibitors question whether they can use them with inflatable exhibits. Look for one that offers a special mounting system that’s perfectly designed for tablets, such as the iPad. This can help ensure that your tablet stays secure, as well as provide your attendees with easy access to them.

Lighting is another important add-on for your exhibit. Oftentimes, the lighting in an event venue is high in the air and can cast harsh shadows on your display. This is where booth lighting comes in handy. Booth lighting is often attached at the top of a traditional trade show display and these types of booths are no exception. If you want a more home-like feeling, consider using floor lamps that are designed to extend over the middle of your space.

Change Out The Graphics On Inflatable Exhibits

The graphics on these inflatable exhibits are attached to the frame, which makes installation a breeze. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also change them out. It’s simple to swap out your old graphic panels with new panels, which means you won’t have to replace the entire exhibit if you want to change your marketing message. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to change the panels completely by yourself, which means that you won’t need to hire someone or wait for help.

These are just some of the ways that companies can personalize their inflatable exhibits. If you’ve seen one of these displays in action, call your local trade show company and ask if they offer these new and innovative products.

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