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3 Types Of Blow Up Exhibits Your Company Should Consider

If you’re looking to buy a new trade show booth for your company, your decision just got more difficult! There’s a new product in the industry, known as inflatable trade show displays, or blow up exhibits. These booths use air powered from an inflator pump to create rigid tubes that make the display stand upright, rather than using a carbon composite, fiberglass or aluminum frame. If you’ve never seen one of these blow up exhibits in person before, take a couple of minutes to learn about some of the many different options that are available.

Portable Blow Up Exhibits

Traditional portable trade show booths are meant to be easy to move from one location to another, but air powered booths can be even easier to transport. A 10-foot backwall or a table top display are both designed to fit into a small carry-on suitcase, which means you won’t need to pay to ship them to an out-of-town location. Some displays can even work as a stand-alone exhibit, or as a part of a modular design. If you’re looking for a portable stand-alone booth, consider finding one that has a case that doubles as a branded podium. When your case is always at your booth space, you won’t ever need to wait to have it delivered when it’s time to pack up and go home.

Curved Rings And Exhibit Solutions

If you want to attract attention from across the room, curved rings that seem to effortlessly float above your exhibit space can help. These rings are available in a number of sizes and can have a straight bottom or an angled one. If you don’t have the capabilities to hang a ring, consider using one that fits on a support pole.

If you don’t want a ring, look for something like a large square tower. These towers are available in a few different heights and can be used alongside a table top display or as a larger trade show configuration. It’s also possible to add in conference rooms for private conversations or a half oval wall to add some visual interest.

Modular Blow Up Exhibits

Lastly, if you attend a lot of shows and want a different configuration for each one, consider using modular exhibit pieces. These items can be moved around to create different designs and use a 10-foot backwall with returns and an accent piece to add a little bit of stability. The returns can help create a personal space to meet with customers, which is ideal if you want to sign a contract, but don’t need a totally private conference room.

If you’re interested in learning more about blow up exhibits, the best thing to do is to call a local trade show exhibit company. If your company offers these unique displays, they’ll be able to help you design a completely one of a kind exhibit using portable elements like backdrops, rings and towers that can be moved around to create a truly one of a kind modular configuration.

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