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3 Proven Ways To Build A List Using Your Blog

Are you sick and tired of spending huge amounts of money and time trying to get people to come to your blog and then hoping and praying that they will like what they see and keep coming back?

Do you not wish you could find a way of staying in touch with your blog visitors and communicating with them over and over again as and when you please?

If so, I have some good news for you. You do not have to put up with wishing and hoping. You do not even have to keep on struggling to stay in touch with your blog visitors.

There is a very simple and straight forward way to make sure that you are able to reach your visitors at will.

And it is simply to build your list.

If you were hoping for a more complex solution, I am sorry to disappoint you. Building your list really is the magic million dollar tactic that everyone is so excited about.

So let us look at 3 tried and tested methods for building a profitable list of responsive customers.

1. The first way to build a list is to create a sign up form and publish it on your blog. You have probably come across one of these forms before.

A sign up form is simply the box you see on many blogs or websites that asks you to enter your name and email address so that you can start receiving information from the blog or website publishers on a regular basis. It is a very effective way to build your list.

So how do you set up a sign up form?

Well, there are many ways but the best way is to use Once you have become a member you will be able to create a sign up form that blends in nicely with your blog.

Aweber has perfect step by step instructions that show you exactly how to set up the form and publish it.

The key to succeeding with this strategy is to include an irresistible offer on your sign up form that people can only access once they join your list.

I have seen some websites that simply say, Sign up to join us and I do not think that is very effective. I mean, WHY should I join you? Most people think that way too.

So if you want to build your list faster using this method, make sure you offer your visitors something that they cannot refuse even if they tried.

For example, if your blog is about Weight Loss, you could have a sign up form that says something like Enter Your Name and Email to Get My 7 Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss Report.

Do you think people who are so desperate to lose weight that they are even searching for helpful information on your blog would love to get their hands on such information?

Of course they would!

So find an offer that your blog readers just cannot ignore and include it on your sign up form.

2. The next strategy you can use to build your list is a clever strategy that many marketing gurus stealthily use.

It is very powerful if you do it correctly and can really pump fuel into your list building efforts.

It is as follows. At the end of each article or video that you post on your blog, give people a chance to make a comment. When making a comment make sure that they have to enter their name and email address as well.

Just make sure that you make it clear that they are joining your mailing list so that you are not viewed as a spammer.

In fact, you could even tell your visitors that they will get some sort of irresistible offer from you on an ongoing basis after they make a comment.

You see the psychology here? This allows you to send information to them continuously without becoming an unwelcome pest. Instead you are always viewed as a welcome guest!

3. The last method for building your list that we will look at is to have a pop up on exit that appears when people are leaving your blog. This is how it works.

When someone is leaving your blog, but just before they manage to get away, a message will pop up that makes them a valuable offer.

If your blog is about cooking, it could say something like Sign Up Today To Receive 27 Sizzling Hot Mexican Recipes for FREE.

This method has been proven to persuade people who would otherwise have not joined your list. So give it a shot. Just type in Pop Up On Exit in Google and several different types will show up.

All 3 of these methods are highly effective so I encourage you to try them out.

Before we conclude, it is important to make sure that you always use a double-opt-in process when building your list.

This simply means that after people sign up, they should get an email that allows them to confirm that they really do want to receive your offer.

This way, you will be able to drastically reduce spam complaints. It is absolutely VITAL to remember this.

Now, in order to help you take immediate action, I have included a 3 step action plan that you can start using right now in order to make your blog a list builder.

These steps focus on setting up a sign up form with Aweber because that is the easiest way to start. They are as follows:

1. Set up a sign up form by following Awebers instructions.

2. Include an irresistible offer on the form that your visitors can only get if they sign up.

3. Prepare that offer in readiness to deliver it to those who sign up. You can use Awebers autoresponder service to deliver the offer on autopilot!

The offer could be an ebook, a free report, a 7 day e course, an ongoing newsletter or anything irresistibly valuable.

If you simply follow these steps, you will soon be able to build a list that will enable you to communicate with your prospects anytime you want to.

You will be able to send them emails to come back to your blog whenever you publish information that they might find useful.

And that will only strengthen your relationship with your prospects and eventually make them more responsive to your offers.

You can learn even more about blogging and other effective internet marketing strategies at:

We’ve broken it all down for you!


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