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10 Key Ways To Instantly Help Boost Your Business’ Online Visibility

It’s no secret that online visibility can play a major role in an organization’s strength, breadth and exposure of business brand. No matter what industry your business is currently operating in, getting the virtual word out on services, wares and critical differentiators allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to tap into an almost unlimited pool of marketing potency. This power, when wielded appropriately, can help companies of every size and scope level the corporate playing field and go head to head with even the biggest industry foes.

Have you not yet implemented an online marketing strategy? Or, perhaps you unveiled an internal advertising solution, but simply feel like you’re not maximizing return on investment? No matter where your search engine marketing approach stands, the following, easy to implement 10 techniques can quickly help make your efforts more effective and boost your online visibility — STAT!

#1 Get Started On Your Social Media Efforts With Facebook Post Ideas, Tweets, Etc.

Social media outlets are a great way to generate a little online business buzz and help get browsers to notice your company. First set up Facebook, Twitter and other page accounts. Then, brainstorm Facebook post ideas, tweets, etc. that will garner a little Internet attention and more than a few thumbs up from followers.

It is important, however, to maintain a certain level of involvement in social media. You can’t simply set up these profiles and sit back while leads pour in — it takes work (and time!) Be sure you are sharing quality tips and posts, and not just your own. It’s important to build relationships on social media with not just potential clients, but peers and other influencers as well.

#2 Blog About It

Blogs deliver a HUGE assortment of search engine optimization benefits. Plus, it instantly sets your firm up as an “in the know” resource. Remember, a dated blog can be the marketing kiss of death, so once you’ve set up this powerful tool, keep it up to date with regular posts and an engaging comments section. Blogging and social media go hand in hand as well, so be sure to share your blogs on a continual basis. In social media, your audience is always changing.

#3 Reexamine Your Current List Of Keywords

Your chosen keyword list plays a major role in the success of your online promotional strategy. If you don’t feel like you’re getting maximum ROI from your current list of keywords, it’s time to reevaluate your approach to ensure you’re not wasting time marketing to the wrong consumer niche.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool to monitor what phrases people are using to search for information in your niche. (HINT: Sometimes this strategy can produce some really on-topic blog ideas!)

#4 Rejuvenate Your Business Website

All of the online marketing in the world does virtually no good if it leads prospective clients to a boring, outdated website. Updating your site with optimized content is a great way to get the browsers to notice you. Be sure your blog is easily accessible and that each web page is focused on a different keyword as well.

#5 Create A List Of Your Targeted Demographic

Taking the time to outline exactly who you want to reach with your Internet advertising is a great way to streamline the process and get the results you’re looking for. Check out sites like Aweber to generate customized emailing lists. Also, offering free, valuable resources, such as an ebook is another a great way to help bulk up your internal database with people who are already familiar with your business and potentially interested in learning more about what you have to offer.

#6 Implement Optimized Press Releases

Not only do optimized press releases offer a perfectly acceptable opportunity to shamelessly self-promote, they also offer an extensive online marketing return on investment. Brainstorm with your staff on press release topic ideas and be sure to include keyword anchor text links for maximum yielded results.

When publishing, look for distribution websites that are SEO optimized and allow your release to be published indefinitely. This way, the beneficial links you create increase in value over time. A well-written press release can essentially work as another online sales page, funneling traffic to your website.

#7 Establish Yourself As THE Final Industry Word

Stop merely following and commenting on others’ blogs and articles; instead work to build your own business street cred by publishing your own original content. Reach out to prominent publications in your industry and offer to guest write for them to create your own following as an industry expert. This combined with your own regular blog posts, forum answers, etc will go a long way to establishing your reputation as a leader.

#8 Deliver Content That Viewers Will Want To Share

Get your creative marketing juices flowing and publish content that your viewers will want to pass along. Funny blog posts, cartoons and even an ebook are all great ways to ensure your readers will hit the share button on what you have to offer. Take advantage of the growing popularity of Pinterest by including compelling graphics in the content you publish. Then “pin” your content to your boards and watch how others spread your information for you!

#9 Run An Internet Contest

People love a contest as much as they love free stuff – do both with an online challenge that offers winners fun prizes. Every time prospective consumers click on your site, post and share you’ll be deepening your Internet promotional presence. You can use any social network to promote your contest – Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Getting people talking about your brand and involved in promoting it is one of the easiest ways to get your business noticed online.

#10 Proactively Engage With Your Chosen Internet Advertising Vendor

Finally (and most importantly!), always proactively partner with your chosen marketing firm throughout the campaign process. Actively participating in any initiative is the best way to ensure that your company is appropriately represented and poised to generate the results you want! Marketing takes the involvement of many people — especially when social media is involved. It is YOUR voice online and your reputation.

From SEO press releases, to web content writing and everything in between, Online PR can help your business boost site traffic and rise in the search browser rankings, fast! Contact the team anytime or download a free copy of their ebook “The Results-Driven Press Release Formula” today (!

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